South Coast Girls Softball League





The job of the manager is the most important job in the South Coast Girls Softball because you are responsible for everything. You
are the one who drafts the girls for your team. You meet with the girls for numerous practices, games and league functions. You also meet the parents and collect money for league fundraisers and are responsible for carrying out ALL league policies. If all this seems to be a bit too much to handle, don't worry because this handbook is designed to help you. 



The basic tenet of the South Coast Girls Softball League is to encourage sportsmanship, fair play and respect among the girls,
regardless of winning or losing to provide girls with an opportunity to play softball regardless of ability as well as to develop a positive attitude about themselves, their peers, and the game itself. In order to achieve these lofty goals, we must look to the team leaders (managers and coaches) for help. Sportsmanship, fair play and respect are not automatic, instinctive behaviors, but rather they are learned behaviors, which are taught at an early age through example. Managers and their coaches must work to keep all their dealings with the girls as a positive experience. We MUST place less emphasis on winning, especially with the younger girls. And
work more on shaping attitudes through cooperation, mutual respect and commitment. 



First and foremost, in order to become a successful manager you must be organized. Buy yourself a large file folder and a daily
planner or calendar. You should attempt to file all league communications in your folder and list all league meetings, practices, games and deadlines in your planner or calendar. These two items are the most important pieces of equipment a manager can have. You should also have with you at all times your team rules, by-laws and contact numbers in case of an emergency. 


Team Rules (Optional)

Another key to managerial success is to set up some sort of team rules. The way you devise these rules is totally up to you. You
can make them up by yourself, with coaches, or have input from players and parents. Team rules are important because all girls, as well as parents, need to know what is expected of them. Having rules listed, as well as consequences for breaking them, makes life easier in the long run. These rules should be written out and given to the girls and their parents along with a return signature form for parent and child to insure compliance by all. (If team rules are set, a copy of all team rules should be submitted to the Assistant Vice
President Prior to the start of the season) 


Collections of Paperwork and Money 

Managers are responsible for collecting ALL paperwork from their players as well as ALL money either from registration, fundraisers,
banquet and the like, and turn team into their Division Representative. At that time, you and the Division Representative will count the money together. The Division Representative then will give you a receipt for your records. This financial responsibility is very important for the continued existence of the league. If money is due to the league on a specific date, you should set your
team's deadline for payment at least one week in advance to insure compliance with all league turn in dates. Remember, it is the manager's duty to turn in all money due to the league on time. Failure to comply could result in suspension, removal, or expulsion from the league. If a manager or coach has any out of pocket expense they MUST present a receipt to the league treasures for their refund. NO RECEIPT, NO REFUND. 


General Meeting Attendance 

If you are not able to attend a General Meeting, you must arrange to have a coach or designee to replace you. If you cannot attend
or find a substitute, you must call you Division Representative in advance to inform him/her of you absence.

Addressing Divisional Issues 

All problems which arise before and during the season should be brought up at divisional meeting led by the Division Representative. 

CORI South Coast Girls Softball Inc. and ASA will require all Managers, Coaches and volunteers to be CORI checked. You must be CORI checked every year as a member of this league. The number of CORI checks per team will be no more than 4. 

Divisional Rules 

Rules for each division are decided by the manager's, as a result of a Divisional Meeting. All divisional rules must be submitted to
the Assistant Vice President by March 1st for inclusion in the Manger's Handbook as well as distribution to umpires. A copy of these rules should be with the managers at ALL games. 


The By-Laws 

The By-Laws of the South Coast Girls Softball, Inc. are the backbone of the league. They contain all the information you need to
know General Rules, Draft Procedure, and the format, Manager Selection, etc. Please read through the By-Laws occasionally and familiarize yourself with them as much as possible.

Code of Conduct 

Since managers and coaches are role models our behavior in the presence of the girls must be exemplary. If we follow the
Golden Rule (do unto others, etc.) we should have no problems. 
All managers and coaches should: 

1)Be encouraging towards players' efforts. (Praise them when they do something positive.) 

2)Be constructive in your dealings with the girls in order to build self-confidence. (After an error, publicly praise them for their effort then privately offer advice on an alternative way to perform a task.)
3)Refrain from negative comments about other teams, managers, coaches, players,and umpires. (Negativity spreads quickly and is destructive.)
4)Remember that this is only a game. We should be teaching girls to compete and give it their best effort; however, we also should show them how to lose graciously as well. 
(Why do we sometimes reward girls for victories at the coop but not for losses?) 

5)Lead by example. Your example is our most powerful teaching tool. (Adhere to all the rules.)

Code of Ethics 

In addition to our Code of Conduct, we have a Code of Ethics which includes things managers and coaches should not do. The following is a list of some acts, but not exclusive of others, which are serious violations and will be considered cause for discipline, including immediate discharge and expulsion by the Ethics Commissioner.         

1) Fighting, inciting a fight, or being directly involved in a fight. 

2) Deliberately abusing, destroying, damaging, or defacing property, tools, equipment, or the property of others while on the ball

fields or in the concession stand. 

3)Pranks, horseplay, or use of threatening or abusive language or behavior in a malicious manner. 

4) Drinking, smoking, using and/or being under the influence of intoxicants and illegal drugs, or tobacco products. 


6)Possessing firearms or other lethal weapons. 

7)Performing any act which may be considered injurious to the health and welfare of others. 

8)Inattention to duties and/or carelessness. 

9)Sexual misconduct or harassment. 

Sexual Harassment 

Sexual harassment is unnecessary, unwanted and will not be tolerated in any form. Officials, Managers, Coaches, and ball players
are to be treated at all times with dignity and respect. While there are disputes over what constitutes sexual harassment, federal law specifies that it includes any unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors. It can also include verbal or physical contact of any sexual nature. 
We must not lose sight of how detrimental this can be to one's self-esteem and dignity, those who feel that they have been subjected to harassment, or who are aware of such behavior, should make it clear that this behavior is offensive and unwelcome. 


Sexual harassment is a serious offense against personal dignity. It is not only illegal; it is contrary to every ethical principle upon which this league is based. If a complaint of sexual harassment is brought to the league’s attention the accused will be immediately removed from all league functions and a duty pending an Investigation is completed and results are made known. In such cases where sexually harassing behavior is confirmed, the offender will be expelled from this league and local authorities will be contacted. 



The Discipline Table below is a guideline for problem resolution, however,  it is not exclusive and does not cover all potential issues that may arise

Board may take further action where necessary and appropriate depending upon

the nature of the offense. These represent minimum guidelines. Offenses
involving Junior Umpires will have serious consequences. 

Official Protests (Playoff Games Only) 

Protests will not be received or considered if they are based solely on a decision involving the accuracy or judgment on the part of an umpire. Example of protests which will not be considered 1) Whether a batted ball was fair or foul   2) Whether a runner was safe or out   3) Whether a pitch ball was legal or illegal        4) Whether a pitched ball was a ball or strike    5) Whether a runner did or did not touch a base     6) Whether a runner did or did not leave a base too soon      7) Whether a fly ball was or was not caught legally      8) Whether it was or was not an infield fly     9) Whether there was or was not interference or obstruction     10) Whether the field is or is not fit to continue or resume play       11) Whether there is or is not sufficient light to continue       12) Any matter

involving the accuracy of the umpire's judgment      13) Whether a batted ball did or did not clear the fence in-flight        14) Whether a batted ball was or was not touched by a fielder before clearing the fence in flight     15) Whether a player or live ball did or did not enter a dead ball area or touch some object or person in a dead ball area. 

There Are Three Types of Protests (Playoff Games Only) 

1) Misinterpretation of a Playing Rule (Protest must be made before the next pitch or, if on the last play of the game, before

the umpires leave the playing field.) 

2) Illegal Substitution or Re-entry  (Protest must be made while they are in the game and before the umpires leave the field.) 

3) Ineligible Player  (Protest can be made anytime.) 

Protests may involve both a matter of judgment and the interpretation of a rule. 

                Example: With one out and runners on second
and third, the batter flies out. The runner on third base tags up after the
catch, but the runner on second does not. The runner on third crosses the plate
before the ball is played at second for the third out. The umpire does not
allow the run to score. The question as to whether the runners left their basis
before the catch or whether the play at second base was made before the runner
on third crossed the plate are solely matters of judgment and are not protest
able. It is a misinterpretation of a playing rule and a proper subject for
protest, however, if the umpire fails to allow the run to score. The manager,
acting coach or captain of the protesting ream shall immediately notify the
plate umpire that the game is being played under protest. The plate umpire
shall in turn notify the opposing manager and official scorekeeper. To aid in
the correct determination of the issue, all interested parties shall take
notice of the conditions surrounding the decision to protest, as well assigning
scorebook including umpire and official start time. 

 Official Written Protests Must be filed within 24 Hours 

The protest should be written up on the Official Protest Form (which is included in this manual) it should be addressed to the Ethics Commissioner within 24 hours of the event in question the following information must be included:     

1) The date, time of incident, place of game, and official start time. 

2) The names of the umpires. 

3) The rule and section of the official rules or local rules under which the protest is made. 

4) The information, details and conditions pertinent to the decision to protest. 

5) All essential facts involved in the matter protested. 

The Decision Rendered on a Protested Game Must Result in One of the Following:

   1) The protest is considered to be invalid and the game stands as played. 

   2) When a protest is determined to be valid because of the misinterpretation of a playing ruled, the decision will

      be corrected and the game shall be replayed from the point at which the incorrect decision was made. 

   3) When a protest for ineligibility is determined to be valid, the offending team shall forfeit the game being played or the game last       played to the offended team. 

Forfeited Games 

A forfeited game shall be declared by the umpire in favor of the team not at fault in the following cases. 

    1) If an umpire is physically attacked by any team member and/or spectator. 

    2) If a team fails to appear on the field, or being on the field, refuses to begin the game for which it is scheduled or assigned within            a time set by the league. 

    3) If one side refuses to continue to play after the game has begun, unless the games has been suspended or terminated by the                    umpire. 

    4) If, alter play has been suspended by the umpire, one side fails to resume play within two minutes after "play ball" has been

         declared by the umpire. 

    5) If a team employs tactics to delay or hasten the game. 

    6) If, after warning by the umpire, any one of the rules of the game is willfully violated. 

    7) If the order of the ejection of a player, manager, coach, or spectator is not obeyed with three minutes. 

    8) If the ejection of a player or players from the game results in fewer than the required number to play. 


South Coast Girls Softball, Inc. 

Governing By-Laws 

The following contents are the By-Laws for the South Coast Girls Softball, Inc. of Fairhaven, Massachusetts. 



1) To encourage sportsmanship, fair play and respect among team members and teams regardless of winning or losing.

2) To give all girls a chance to play softball regardless of race, color, creed, or ability, providing slots are available.

3) To develop a positive attitude toward each other and the games, which will continue to grow with them as they  

     advance with the league


1) This is an ASA Junior Olympic Fast Pitch Softball League for girls and consists of the following divisions: 

Instructional 5-6 years old                        

Freshman 7-8 years old

Junior 9-11 years old                                   

Senior 12-15 years old

Girls must move from one division to the next by age only. The age cut off date for each division is December 31st. The Executive Board may adjust the cutoff date in an effort to balance divisions. At a written request of a parent or at the initiation of the Executive Board, a player may be allowed to play up or down in age classification. A 2/3 (two-thirds) vote by the Executive Board is required. 

2) Parents must sign a league contract and pay the set registration fee. If new to the league, they must provide the league with a birth certificate. 

3) The South Coast Girls Softball, Inc. is open to all South Coast Communities. 


Executive Board 

The Executive Board of Directors is the governing body of the league. The Executive Board will consist of the President, Vice-President, Assistant Vice-President, Secretary, Divisional Reps, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Ethics Commissioner. 

1)  Election of the Executive Board shall be held annually at the first meeting between July 25th and August   

    10th or after the season finishes, whichever is later. The posting of the meeting on the website and notification via email shall

    include the meeting date, time, location, and the offices up for election. All members of the Executive Board  and Team Managers         shall be notified via email by the Secretary or the President. 

2)  The Officers and Division Representatives on the Executive Board shall be elected for a one (1) year term. 

3) In the event an Executive Board member resigns, quits, or becomes deceased during term, the position must be elected by general

assembly, emergency meeting to be held within 30 days. If an officer resigns, is asked to resign, or quits, he or she is not allowed to participate as an officer within the term. 

4) The executive board may remove any elected official by a 2/3 vote from the E-board 

5) The Executive Board reserves the right by majority vote to immediately remove anyone including league officials from the league for a major violation of rules and regulations pending appeal. 

6) All meetings shall be posted on the website and electronic (E-mail or text) notifications sent at least 24 hours in advance. All E-Board members shall be notified by the Secretary or President via email. 

7) The duties of the Executive Board are as follows: 

a) Meet once each month if required 

b) Each member shall have one (1) vote, excluding the President, who can only vote to break ties.      (Majority Rules)

c) There must be 2/3 of Executive Board present to hold a meeting 

d) Agenda requests shall be submitted to the President or Division Representative one (1) week before the next board meeting. Requests

can be made by anyone in the league. (No verbal requests) 

e) While divisional rules and regulations are decided at the divisional meeting, they need to be presented to the Executive Board for approval. If any divisional issues are not voted unanimous, both sides will be given three minutes to speak on the issues. The Executive Board's decision will settle the issue but can be appealed. 

f) To address all ethic issues brought before it in an orderly fashion in accordance with the rules  and regulations set forth in these

By-Laws, and to insure that the league membership is well informed, understands and complies with said rules. 

8) Any executive board member who has indirect involvement in an infraction cannot vote on the issue. If in the event of a tie the

President will be the deciding vote. In the event of the President being involved in the infraction, he/she will be removed from the vote. The Vice-President will  then be the acting President, and will only act in a tie-breaking situation 


Officer's Duties 


The President's Duties shall include but not be exclusive of: 

                a) To preside at all meetings - General and Executive Board 

                b) To oversee development of all committees 

                c) To help enforce all league rules and regulations 

                d) To serve as liaison between divisions 

                e) To only cast a vote at any meeting that the vote results in a tie 

                f) To hold all league records 

                g) to prepare agendas for all meetings 

                h) Has empowerment to choose chairperson for all committees 


The Vice-President's Duties shall include but not be exclusive of: 

                a) To assist the President 

                b) To perform the Presidential duties in the President's absence 

                c) Responsible for Umpires and Umpire development and Umpire scheduling 

                d) Scheduling and coordinating field maintenance 


The Assistant Vice-President's Duties shall include but not be exclusive of:  

                a) To perform the Vice-President's duties in the Vice-President's absence 

                b) To be the Public relations liaison for the league 

                c) To set all league schedules for practices, games, playoffs and Fun Day 

                d) Responsible for league equipment (disbursement and maintenance) 

                e) Responsible for applying for field permits with the associated towns 


The Secretary's Duties shall include but not be exclusive of: 

                a) To take notes at both the Executive Board meetings and General Meetings 

                b) To have typed notes ready from prior minutes of each meeting with copies available for the Executive

Board and managers within one week of the next meeting (available on request) 

                c) To hold copies of league records, minutes, and notes 

                d) Meeting minutes will be available for review by entire membership upon request. 

                e) Assist with registration 

                f) To maintain the website and act as Website Editor 


The Treasurer Duties shall include but not be exclusive of: 

                a) To maintain all bank accounts

                b) To pay bills of the league. Authorized signatures will be officers of the Executive Board - Treasurer and                                            Assistant Treasurer only. 

                c) To receive all money from Division Representatives, fund raising committees, etc. 

                d) Upon receiving any money from members of the league, the Treasurer or Assistant treasurer is to give a                         receipt to the member. 

e) Reimburse expenses for the league. All expenses must be approved by the E-Board before    

     reimbursement occurs. Receipts are required for reimbursement from the Treasurer or Assistant  


                f) Handle the time sheets and payments of all league umpires and ASA umpires. 

                g) Report financials of the league at each meeting to the Executive Board. Report shall include the bank                                 balance as of the last meeting, revenues and expenses recorded since the last meeting, and the current bank balance. 


The Assistant Treasurer’s Duties shall include but not be exclusive of: 

                a) All secondary functions to the Treasurer 

                b) To handle the check book for the tournament programs 

                c) Reporting out all tournament expenses 


The Ethics Commissioner Duties shall include but not be exclusive of: 

The mission is to set up a basic
"Code of Ethics" that should exist (and in part does exist in our league) and monitor it to ensure that it is upheld by every staff member within the league.  
The Commissioner’s job is to hear and read ALL complaints about the league and its members, to investigate them

when warranted, and to bring the issue to the E-Board. He/she will also monitor all areas concerning the responsibilities of Managers within the league such as field duty and fundraising responsibilities. All complaints and concerns should be presented directly to the Commissioner, who will then present any issues and surrounding facts to the President of the league. A report to the E-Board will

be required at the next meeting stating the facts as they are known. If necessary, the President can call an emergency meeting within 24 hours for the E-Board to take appropriate action. 

                a) Responsible for orientation of all new managers and coaches 

                b) Development of bylaws as directed by the E-Board 

                c) Enforcement of bylaws and discipline as directed by the E-Board 

                d) Verify that the by-laws are being followed at all levels 

HEARINGS: Any hearings executed by the E-Board, shall include a discussion of the issues, votes to enter evidence into the record, and a vote on a finding of facts. The E-Board will then vote on an appropriate course of action based upon the record.  The Divisional Representative's duties shall include but net be exclusive of: 

                a) To act as the liaison between the Executive Board, managers, coaches, parent, and players 

                b) To collect all league money within their division. At that time the Divisional Representatives will give the manager a receipt  for the exchange 

                c) To handle all divisional problems 

                d) Assist in preparation and orientation of new managers and coaches 

                e) To help in the development of the coaches and players of the division 


Divisional Meetings (To solve problems arising throughout the year in the division) 

                a) Each division will try to resolve any problems by holding a divisional meeting with the managers, led by                        the Division Representative 

                b) If a solution cannot be voted on unanimously, then it will be brought to the Executive Board for review                          and a decision or ruling will be given 

c) If the decision or ruling is not satisfactory to a particular party involved, the manager of that team can appeal the Executive Board

decision by submitting a letter to the President within two (2) weeks of the original decision and the matter will be brought up at the next General Meeting. (President, Ethics Commissioner can call emergency meeting at his/her discretion) 


General Meeting 

1) Will be held once a month (if needed) to keep all teams and officials apprised of league business. 

                2) All teams must be represented by a manager, coach, or designee 

                3) Each team will have one (1) vote 

                                a) Both team representatives - manager, coach, or designee must be present at meeting 

                                b) Designee must have signed paper vote in order to vote 

                4) No person can represent more than one (1) team 

                5) Meeting will usually begin at 6:30 p.m. with a maximum of two (2) hours in length, unless otherwise     

                    waived.  All teams must be represented for the full two hours. 

                6) Quorum for general meeting is majority 

                7) If the President feels that a motion brought up by someone in the General Assembly needs further                                     consideration before a vote is taken, he or she can table that motion until the next General Meeting. It will then

be placed on that meeting's agenda, discussed, and voted on                

8) Motions from the General Body will require a majority vote except for anything having to do with the By-Laws which would require a 2/3 majority vote, from the Executive Board. 


General Rules (Each division sets division rules with a vote of
approval of the E-Board) 

                1) Any rules not covered by
division rules will follow ASA rules 

                2) The Regular Season shall be
scheduled to start no earlier than April 15th and no later than April 30th. 

                3) Opening Day ceremonies shall
be scheduled to occur no later than the last weekend of April. 

                4) Playoffs shall be scheduled
for completion by the end of the third week of July (weather permitting). 

                5) Playoff seeding schedules
shall be posted no later than one week after the regular season schedule is 


                6) Regular season and playoff
seeding schedules shall be voted on by the E-Board. 

                7) Mouth guards are recommended
to be used by all players. 

                8) Pitcher’s masks must be worn
by all pitchers.            

                9) A pitcher may not pitch more
than 5 innings in the Senior Division and 4 innings in the Junior Division                             during the regular season. There is no inning
limitation during the playoffs. 

                10) Visors are provided and are to
be worn, plus any equipment deemed necessary 

                11) Team uniforms should match
in color and shirts must be tucked in during games 

                                a)Uniforms may
not be altered (As amended on May 18, 2013)

                12) Each team must have a
medical kit for games and practices 

                13) Maximum coaching staff- one
(1) manager, four (3) field coaches 

                                a) No team shall
be represented by more than one manager 

                                b) All coaching
staff including bat person and sponsor must be listed on roster turned in the 


                                c) It must
include players name, address, telephone number, and date of birth 

                                d) Only people
listed on roster are allowed on the players bench, bullpen, or field 

                                e) New teams,
coaching staff, bat person, sponsors, and uniform will have to be approved by

     Executive Board 

                                f) Anyone who is
18 years or older must be complete the C.O.R.I. process through the league 

                14) No one is allowed behind the
backstop while games are in progress. 

                15) Both teams are responsible

                                a) Dragging and
lining the fields before EVERY game 

                                b) Putting the
bases out and away 

                                c) Home team
supplies game ball 

                                d) Away team
supplies backup ball 

                                e) Both teams
are responsible for cleaning their dugouts 

                16) All members shall refer all
public comments, statements or written articles regarding the league to the                           Assistant Vice-President before they are
published in the newspaper, radio, or television 

                17) South Coast Girls Softball,
Inc. promotes a smoke free facility; therefore, no smoking will permitted at 

                      any league sponsored

                                a) Practices, Games
      b) Fun day          c) Fundraisers                  d)
SCG Softball Fields 

                          (1st Offense=1 game
suspension; 2nd Offense=2 game suspension; 3rd
Offense=Suspension for the 

                            remainder of the
current season) 

                18) Sponsors fees are to be determined
by the Executive Board annually. All hardship cases pertaining to 

       registration fees or fund raising will
be reviewed and decided on an individual basis by the Executive 


                19) League Umpires / Field
Maintenance personal 

                                a) All league
umpires and field umpires must fill out an application 

                                b) All league
umpires and Field crew personal will be required to fill out and submit a time
sheet to    

                                  the treasurer
at the end of the week all payment must be by check (no cash payments). 

                                c) All league
umpires will be required to wear an appropriate uniform. 

                                d) All umpires
must attend a league overview and receive and review the league by-laws as well

     attend a plate and field overview for
rules of the game. The plate and field overview should be 

     held by an ASA umpire; if not available an
agreed E-board member must conduct the training 


Draft Procedure 

All girls present at the draft, shall be the first
girls placed. 

Providing there are still slots available in the
division draft, the next set of girls selected will be the girls 

That are listed on the pool list 

If there is insufficient room for all these girls to
be drafted, then they will be assigned to teams in the order of their position
on the pool list all girls at the time of the draft will be picked first. 

Providing there are still slots available, any first
time registrant on draft day will participate in 

the tryout to be drafted by the any team still needing players. Any
girls not selected at this time will be placed on the pool list by lottery 

Once the draft has been completed and the pool list
has been formed, any new additions will be 

added to the end of the pool list in order. All pool players will be
assigned to teams as positions become available 

Any current player that does not show up for the draft
and has not contacted her manager with a valid reason for not attending (prior
to draft) and wishes to continue playing, will be added to the end of the pool
list and must wait for an available slot 

A player becomes a member of a team on the day that
she is selected or placed on a team roster 

with a completed and paid registration. 

Pitchers placement in the Junior and Senior Divisions
- the Executive Board may alter team 

rosters or restrict draft order to ensure that every team has a
PITCHER. Teams without a pitcher will choose a pitcher in the established draft
order. Teams with multiple pitchers may be split to ensure all teams have a
pitcher when possible. 

                3) Eligibility of team players 

                                a) Once a player
is on a roster and they chose to leave or quit the team, they must sit out a 

one (1)  year period commencing
from the date of their withdrawal 

In order to re-enter the league, the player and parent
must contact a league official within that one (1) year period.  Once this is accomplished, the player's name
will be added to the end of the player pool list 

b) If a
player is drafted and placed on the roster & she decides not to play, she
must sit out that  summer before returning
to the league. 

4) Newly established teams have
the first six (6)picks in the 1st  round and one (1) every round   

      after that. In the event of multiple new
teams, each manager will randomly draw from a hat to establish 

      your draft position. The manager’s child
is the considered your last pick.  

A coach's daughter will not be placed on their particular team. She must be
placed on 

a team by draft
procedure or pool list. Only the manager’s daughter(s) will be placed.

                6) Sisters will be assigned to
the same team, unless the parent/guardian waives that right 

       a) When
sisters are drafted, one (1) counts as that round's pick and other is considered
as the last    

                           round pick 

                7) A new manager taking over a
team that has a daughter going to that team automatically accepts her as a 

                           last round pick 


Draft Format 

1) All available players must sign
in at draft table to receive designated numbers. Numbers will be worn on front
of shirt for viewing 

                                2) Two (2)
members of the Executive Board will run the proceedings 

                                3) All players
will demonstrate various softball skills for evaluation purposes.


All managers
and coaches can gather anywhere during exercises.

exercises are completed, manager, and coaches meet for reviewing notes taken
during exercises. 

No longer
than five (5) minutes per pick 

                                a) Members of
Executive Board will start proceedings with order of picks 

                                b) Newly
established teams get the first pick 

                                c) Order depends
on final standings from previous season. (In the case of a tie, the season

                                    will be the
deciding factor) 

Teams forfeiting the playoffs may not finish last. Forfeiting the playoffs will
automatically drop 

                                   the team one
spot in the next season draft procedure. 


Once the
candidates are picked and the list depleted, all managers meet with the parents
and players to welcome them to the team and inform them of any information
pertaining to the team or league 

If teams do
not have a full roster thirteen (13), they must inform the Division
Representative. The Representative will call the President. It is the
responsibility of the manager to give the Division Representative your full
roster with name, address, and phone number, email address when roster is at a
mandatory thirteen (13). 




Pool List            1) The
President & E-Board handles the league's pool list 

                                2) Maintain
current list of all girls wanting to play for all divisions 

                                3) The list will
be by divisions and will include name, address, telephone number and date of

                                4) The names
shall be placed on the on the list in the order received by the player's

                                5) Maintain a
list of player quitting or not wanting to play, with the departure date. 

                                6) Prior to
giving a potential name to the Division Representative the President shall call

                                   Receive commitment  from her. 
If no commitment is received, she will be dropped from the pool 

                                   list and the
next available player from the pool list will be called. 


New Manager 

1) The E-board and Division
Representatives will determine the order of eligibility of each candidate for     

     each division. 

An existing coach with a daughter on the team will receive preference for a
managerial position 

                                   with that team. 

                                b) An existing
coach without a daughter on that team would be given second preference for the 


                                c) South Coast
Girls Softball, Inc. experience will be the next criteria used, followed by


                2) After the Executive Board has
attempted to fill position using 1a and 1b above, the name of each team                              needing
a manager will be placed in a hat by division. The person chosen as the first
candidate from 1c                             above will get first draw of teams from a
hat. The E board must attend this procedure and must be                                     completed at least one (1) week before
the draft. 

                3) If an emergency position
comes about after the draft, the President must appoint someone to that 

                     position for  the remainder of the season, subject to the
approval of 2/3 of the managers in that division. 

                4) If an emergency managerial
position comes about before the draft, but after the manager selection                                     procedure
has taken place, the president must: 

                                a) Make an
emergency appointment at his/her digression. 

                                b) If no one
accepts this appointment, the President must form a committee of coach and/or 

      parents from the returnees of the team to
assist him/her in drafting for the team until a manager 

      can be found. 


Sponsorship assignments: 

1) Existing sponsor follows team
within the division; sponsors do not follow managers unless manager- sponsor is
one in the same. Established teams will not be split up for a new sponsor;
existing sponsors will remain with team.      

     Sponsors kids moving up will have
to be drafted and the assignment of sponsor will be reviewed by the E-board. 

       (This eliminates the stacking or
coordination of player selection). 

2)Team sponsorship must be from an established
business, no personal or private sponsor will be allowed.

3)Private sponsorships will apply to league


Retention Program 

                1) All minutes and notes will be
on file for four (4) years beginning in 2004 

                2) All financial reports will be
on file for seven (7) years beginning in 2004 

                3) The secretary will hold all
registration forms for two (2) years beginning in 2004 

                4) All documents must be kept
complete in electronic form as well as hard copy. At the end of term, all hard                     copy documents will be destroyed. 


Fund Raising 

                1) Guide lines and penalties for
each fund raiser will be sent by the Fund Raising Committee and voted for 

      the General
Assembly - (2/3) 

                2) Guidelines and penalties will
be enforced by the Executive Board 

                3) All teams fund raising
schedules and financial reports must be forwarded to the Executive Board 







Fairhaven Heat Tournament Program 

1) Manager selection for the
following season will be voted by the E-board during the first meeting after                 

      Officers are elected. The manager
position is a one-year term to be voted on every year. Interested  

      candidates may submit a letter of
interest stating qualification. Candidates must be a coach/Manager in 

      the SCGS League. 

2) Player selection will be a
public draft available only to registered SCG Softball players. Players may

      in a higher age division at the
discretion of the E-Board. 

                3) ASA age requirements apply to
all age brackets ending on December 31st for all Tournament teams. 

                4) The team manager is
responsible for the selection of all players and coaches. 

                5) Tournament Program funds will
be separate from the league. The Fairhaven Heat tournament teams will 

      Be responsible
for all fundraising to support the program. All funds must be reported to the E-board

      the monthly

                6) Parent grievances that can’t
be resolved by the manager must be submitted in writing to the Ethics                                   commissioner, if the Ethics commissioner
is the manager, the letters should be submitted to the 


                7) Each tournament team’s assets
are the property of the Tournament Program. 

                8) Tournament teams are
responsible for keeping at least $200 in the bank account at the end of the 


                9) A vote by the Executive Board
shall define the extent of year-end awards for the Tournament program. 

                    This   is to ensure that each team has reasonable
year-end awards without requiring excessive 

                    fundraising for the purpose
of year-end awards. 


Distribution of Assets 

1) In the event of the dissolution
of this Softball league, Executive Board shall vote to distribute all   

     remaining assets to one (1) or more
charities within the South Coast area 



1) Missing meetings 

                a) All of the Executive Board
members are expected to attend all Executive Board and General Meetings 

                b) If a member of the Executive
Board has two (2) UNEXCUSED absences, he or she will be asked to                                        

                    resign by the officers 

                c) All managers are expected to
attend all league general meetings. If they cannot attend, they must make 

     an attempt
to call their Division Representative to explain why, or send a designee for
their team (ALL                             TEAMS MUST BE REPRESENTED) 

d) If a team
is not represented at a General Meeting and does not attempt to call their
Division                                             Representative, the manager will be
assessed a game suspension, per occurrence. After a total of three        

     (3) occurrences, he or she can be removed
from the league 

2) Any violation of By-Laws,
divisional rules and regulations, the procedure for administering disciplinary  

     action is: 

        A) A manager or staff who knowingly uses
an ineligible player in the league or tournament games will 

             result in removal from the league 

1) Removal
from the league precludes one from becoming a staff member for a particular
team, league 

  officer, or serve on any committee 

            2) Voting privileges are also surrendered
during the removal period 

    3) Cannot be
a designee 

3) Upon completion of removal period the individual
must apply in writing to the current Executive Board for 

     their approval
if he/she wishes to be reinstated as a staff member in the league 







by Executive Board

25, 2013