6. How do I choose a bat for my child?

Your child should be able to hold the bat straight out in front of them with one arm for 10 seconds. If they cannot, the bat is too heavy. See chart below for approximate bat lengths. (Drop is the difference between length & weight. Example: A 30 inch bat with a weight of 20 ounces has a -10 drop)

1. How do I sign up?

You can find the link to our online registration portal on the HOME page

2. What are the ages of girls that play?​ SCGS has 4 divisions which are based on player ages as of December 31st, 2017. 
For 2018, the divisions and ages will be as follows:
(Subject to change by vote of the Executive Board)
Our Introduction to Softball is for ages 5, 6 & first year 7 year olds.
Freshman Division (10U) is for 10, 9, 8 & experienced 7 year olds.
Junior Division (12U) is for 11 & 12 year olds.
​Senior Division (16U) is for 13, 14, 15 & 16 year olds.
(Exceptions may be made by request of parent or recommendation of coach AND vote of executive board)

​​​5.When are opening day and the start/end of the SCGS season?

Opening Day is usually mid-April/early May. The regular season typically runs through June. Playoffs (for Junior & Senior divisions) are usually completed by mid-July.

4.What is the cost to play in this league and what is included in the fee?

2018 registration costs are $80 for instructional and freshman divisions, and $120 for junior and senior divisions. 

Fees are used for uniforms, opening day events, operating costs and an end of season awards day.

3. Who is in charge of the league?

The Executive Board. The members names and e-mail addresses are located on the Contact Us page.

South Coast Girls Softball League